U-Crane, the most versatile Robotic Arm in the world

The U-Crane, with its boom length that goes from 4.5 to 20.5 feet, is one of the most versatile cranes we have to offer at FRS (coming soon!). It can be mounted in any of our camera cars, as well as any car to shoot itself and get the perfect action movie shot. It can be used in studios and in almost every location possible thanks to its small size.


The U-Crane (coming soon) is one of the most versatile Robotic Arms in the world. Its versatility shows of as it can be mounted in any of the FRS camera cars, getting a wide range of different shots in every location possible.
The U-Crane has a robotic counter weight that allows it to be mounted in any car so they can shoot themselves and get the best action shots. It provides more options for arm movements, from retracted to extended reach. The U-Crane can also be used with a camera car and a tow rig to show more of the environment, and it can be used in studios with electric cars. The pan and tilt are motorized and can be manually operated on any platform.


Boom length

4.5 to 20.5 feet

Crane Pan Speed

360º in 8 seconds

Lens Height

19′ full extension

Lens Depth

6′ below ground level

Payload Capacity

45 lbs (20.4 kg)

Total weight with Head and Camera

865 lbs (392.4 kg)

Use restrictions

No off-road, clean dry conditions