Filmotechnic offers various types of professional gyroscopic equipment to get that perfect shot

Filmotechnic Remote Systems is market leader in providing gyroscopic equipment such as the U-crane Dynamic (formerly known as the Russian Arm mini) and the newest generation of Flight Heads (all sizes). We also provide a Buggy Polaris with a U-crane Dynamic on top. Coming soon in Europe: the U-Crane.


The U-crane Dynamic is a high performance robotic camera arm for dynamic filming. Rigged on top of a powerful Porsche Macan and using a lighter arm than the standard U-crane it provides you with high-level dynamic shots without compromises.
The U-crane does not use counter weights, so it is much smaller, lower, lighter and thus more versatile and agile than any other standard arm. It allows you to shoot under low bridges, in tunnels, in buildings and on narrow alley ways. Race tracks, curvy mountain roads and narrow streets are its favorite playgrounds. The U-crane Dynamic loves high-speed car chases !


The Flight Head Mini is one of the most stable heads, compatible with any kind of camera cranes and a complete array of cameras and lenses. It delivers an extremely smooth image. The FRS Flight Head Mini is mounted along with a U-Crane Dynamic crane for the best results.


The 3 axis stabilized Flight Head Colibri is precisely engineered remote head that enhances your filming experience and is perfect anywhere a small camera head is required. This lightweight, compact and durable carbon fiber camera head enables floating and highly stable dynamic footage.


The Technoscope F17 is the smallest, lightest, compact and most agile telescopic camera crane in the industry that was designed for use with lightweight stabilized remote heads and compact camera packages. F17 can be easily transported, hand carried and quickly assembled and operated in hard to reach places and is perfectly suited for indoor, small spaces, crowded sets and tight locations.


The U-Crane, with its boom length that goes from 4.5 to 20.5 feet, is one of the most versatile cranes we have to offer at FRS (coming soon!). It can be mounted in any of our camera cars, as well as any car to shoot itself and get the perfect action movie shot. It can be used in studios and in almost every location possible thanks to its small size.


FRS Buggy Polaris, with its U-crane Dynamic mounted on top, is the perfect vehicle to get dirty. It can ride through every ground: fields, mountains, beaches, forest, muddy and rocky terrains; it can’t be stopped. And thanks to U-crane Dynamic and FH mini, it gets an array of shots where no other equipment can go!


FRS also offers Cablecam solutions for 1D, 2D or 3 Dimensions to work with the latest Flighthead Mini 4 with drift-free motion control for recordable moves. Great for VFX.