The Scissor Mini camera crane system is designed for smooth and precise telescopic movement of camera

Scissor Mini Crane

Scissor Mini with a remotely operated gyrostabilized camera system Flight Head Mini offers a huge range of camera movement. It works superbly mounted on camera dollies giving the ability to get a wide range of shots and set-ups. The Scissor Mini delivers all you’d expect from a camera dolly with the advantage of a crane arm. It can be easily delivered, assembled and operated in remote and hard to reach locations such as roof, balcony, room, small stage, tight decoration or any other challenging location where no other crane can be used.


Boom length (front section)

max 4.5 m

min 1.6 m

Overall lenght

max 6.3 m

min 2.4 m

Max. weight with camera and counterweights

135 kg

Max. nose payload (including head)

32 kg